Industry Affiliates

The UW Security and Privacy Industry Affiliates Program strengthens collaborations between the UW Security and Privacy (UWSP) Research Lab and industrial partners, and helps support our ongoing research. Affiliates get exclusive opportunities to interact with the UWSP researchers.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Security Lab Directors David Kohlbrenner, Yoshi Kohno, and Franzi Roesner at and and Direct donations are also accepted via this link.

We thank our current named affiliates:

  • Google
  • Qualcomm
  • Woven Planet

We also thank our industry affiliates who have chosen not to be named. Thank you all for your support!

Member Benefits

  • Invitation to an annual, member-only UW Security and Privacy Affiliates Workshop, which will bring other UWSP affiliate members, the UW Security and Privacy Research Lab, other Allen School faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and students together to discuss targeted research ideas in the field of computer security and privacy. Each workshop will consist of research-focused talks and discussions around particular themes. We also envision sessions in which industry affiliates can bring their topics of concern to the meeting, for in-person discussions with the researchers present.
  • Exclusive email each Fall with contact information and recommendations for students looking for internships from our lab and those who will be graduating that year.
  • Invitation to special student presentations, which include:
    • Ph.D. thesis defenses.
    • Class project presentations in the CSE 564 graduate computer security and privacy course.
    • Class project presentations in the CSE 481S senior-level computer security and privacy capstone course.
    • Opportunity to attend and present at the CSE 590Y graduate computer security and privacy seminar, space permitting.
    • UWSP quarterly research lab meetings with affiliates.
  • Exclusive opportunity to pitch project ideas to graduate students taking CSE 564 (graduate-level computer security and privacy course) and undergraduates taking CSE 481S (senior capstone projects in computer security). Project ideas must be submitted at least one week before the first week of the quarter to give students a chance to select them.
  • Early access to new publications from the lab including new journal papers, conference presentations, retreat presentations, thesis, and seminar webcasts, before they become widely available (responsible disclosure constraints may still apply).
  • Inclusion on our mailing list to receive a biannual newsletter from the Security and Privacy Research Lab.