UW CSE Security Competition Team Wins Regionals!

The UW CSE cyber defense competition team just won regionals! Congratulations to team members Alexei Czeskis (team captain), Ian Finder, Mark Jordan, Karl Koscher, Conrad Meyer, Baron Oldenburg, Mary Pimenova, and Cullen Walsh!

Update (4.7.2011): The Seattle Times has written an article about the team: “A team of eight University of Washington students will wage war this weekend against an expert force, defending their territory with stealth tactics and on-the-fly invention. But there are no physical weapons involved. There’s not even a physical battleground. For the fourth year in a row, the team will compete in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, in which teams from around the country attempt to shield a computer system from professional hackers aiming to cause havoc ranging from stealing trade secrets to turning home pages into random YouTube videos.”

Read the full article here.