UW CSE Security Lab at the FTC Internet of Things Workshop

As a lab, we are very excited about the FTC’s Internet of Things workshop, which is going on today. The focus of the workshop is on security and privacy, and the four panels are on: the smart home, connected health and fitness, connected cars, and privacy and security — topics that we have been working on at UW for years now.

In his opening remarks, Keith Marzullo from the NSF included a slide on exemplar security and privacy projects for cyber-physical systems. The slide listed five example projects, three of which come from the UW CSE Security and Privacy Research Lab. Keith discussed UW’s work on analyzing the security and privacy properties of wireless implantable medical devices and, in particular, he cited our Oakland 2008 paper (in collaboration with UMass and BIDMC). He then went on to cite our experimental security analyses of a modern car, which appeared at Oakland 2010 and USENIX Security 2011 (in collaboration with UCSD). And, finally, he discussed the lab’s collaborative work with Howard Jay Chizeck (UW EE department) on secure telerobotics.