Security Lab member Adam Lerner in the news

The Daily Free Press has an article today entitled “U.K. researchers work to combat social media malware”.

Security lab member Adam Lerner has a great quote in the article. Quoting from the article: “Adam Lerner, a current doctoral student in computer science at the University of Washington, said issues regarding network security, such as link shortening and user privacy in general, are an important area of research. ‘Our daily lives are becoming connected to the Internet, which is the biggest network we’ve got,’ Lerner said. ‘Phones, cars, thermostats, you name it. Whenever something’s connected to a network, that network becomes a potential avenue of attack. In the same vein, more and more important aspects of our lives, both private and public, are taking place on the Internet, via these networked technologies. The goal of network security research … is to protect people and the things we care about from malicious behavior.'”

Great quote Adam!