UW CSE launches Digital Financial Services Research Group to accelerate innovative banking solutions for developing regions

UW CSE revolutionized data collection and analysis in low-resource settings with the creation of the Open Data Kit (ODK), a suite of free, open-source mobile tools. ODK – a project spearheaded by the late professor Gaetano Borriello – has been deployed in more than 40 countries to monitor elections, to conserve natural resources, to track health care outcomes, and much more. Now, UW CSE is poised to do for money management what we did for data with the launch of our new Digital Financial Services Research Group. The new effort is funded by the Gates Foundation, under the primary directorship of CSE faculty member Richard Anderson. Security Lab co-directors Yoshi Kohno and Franzi Roesner are co-leading the computer security elements of this new effort. Read more about this new group here.