Franzi Roesner at Enigma 2017

Some people call the USENIX Enigma Conference the hottest new computer security conference out there. Enigma is like a security-focused TED conference. Security and Privacy Lab co-director Professor Franzi Roesner was invited to speak this year, and she chose to speak about her work on computer security and privacy for journalists and lawyers. Her talk was an end-to-end tour through her work with journalists and lawyers, starting with formative interviews, continuing into the design and implementation of a new email encryption tool, and then covering more lessons through summative user evaluations.

If you’re familiar with the classic paper “Why Johnny Can’t Encrypt”, then you will appreciate this comment from one Twitter follower: “I think that @franziroesner basically just made it possible for Johnny to encrypt!”

The video of her talk is not online yet, but it will likely be posted online here soon.