Security Lab Holds First Annual Industry Affiliates Workshop

The UW Security and Privacy Research Lab has recently launched an Industry Affiliates Program. The UW Security and Privacy Industry Affiliates Program helps support our ongoing research and strengthens collaborations between the UW Security and Privacy Research Lab and industry partners. On September 28, we held our first annual workshop for existing and prospective affiliates company members. This workshop was an opportunity for industry affiliates (or potential future affiliates) to learn about UW Security and Privacy research. This workshop was also an opportunity for UW Security and Privacy Research Lab members to learn about industry needs and opportunities. Speaking for the UW side, we learned a lot!

Many thanks to all of the attendees, and huge thanks especially to our current (named) affiliates companies: Google, Woven Planet, and Qualcomm! And many thanks to our unnamed affiliate companies as well! We so appreciate your support and look forward to further connection!