Kimberly Ruth Wins the Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Congratulations to UW Security Lab undergraduate Kimberly Ruth for winning the coveted Mary Gates Research Scholarship! The Mary Gates Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship intended to facilitate the research experience of University of Washington undergraduate students. Kimberly is actively conducting research at the intersection of augmented reality and computer security, a research area led by security lab faculty member Franziska Roesner. In fact, Kimberly is a co-author of an upcoming paper on that topic, to appear at this year’s IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy in May 2017. Kimberly conducted that research during her freshman and sophmore years at UW. Her paper, co-authored with her PhD student mentor Kiron Lebeck and her faculty advisors Franziska Roesner and Yoshi Kohno, will appear on the UW Augmented Reality and Security page soon. Congratulations Kimberly!!

Ada Lerner to join the Wellesley College Computer Science Faculty

A big congratulations to senior security lab PhD Student Ada Lerner! After receiving multiple tenure-track faculty offers from top liberal arts colleges, Ada has now decided to join the computer science faculty at Wellesley College. Quoting from Wikipedia, “According to the 2017 U.S. News and World Report rankings, Wellesley is ranked 3rd for liberal arts college and 1st for women’s colleges.” This is big news! Congratulations Ada! And congratulations Wellesley!

Security Lab PhD Student Eric Zeng Takes Home the TGIF Trophy

Security and Privacy Lab PhD Student Eric Zeng won tonight’s TGIF paper airplane contest. Eric spent years preparing for this contest, and created a masterful, long-flying paper airpline. In addition to building paper airplanes, Eric loves security and privacy research. Check out his upcoming IEEE Security and Privacy Europe paper, co-authored with PhD student colleague Ada Lerner and their advisor Franzi Roesner, here.

Franzi Roesner at Enigma 2017

Some people call the USENIX Enigma Conference the hottest new computer security conference out there. Enigma is like a security-focused TED conference. Security and Privacy Lab co-director Professor Franzi Roesner was invited to speak this year, and she chose to speak about her work on computer security and privacy for journalists and lawyers. Her talk was an end-to-end tour through her work with journalists and lawyers, starting with formative interviews, continuing into the design and implementation of a new email encryption tool, and then covering more lessons through summative user evaluations.

If you’re familiar with the classic paper “Why Johnny Can’t Encrypt”, then you will appreciate this comment from one Twitter follower: “I think that @franziroesner basically just made it possible for Johnny to encrypt!”

The video of her talk is not online yet, but it will likely be posted online here soon.

Security Lab Undergraduate Researcher Mitali Palekar Featured in CSE News

Security and Privacy Undergraduate Researcher Mitali Palekar was featured in today’s departmental Undergraduate Spotlight. Palekar is a sophomore from Cupertino, California who spent a portion of her childhood in Mumbai, India and is trained in Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form. Mitali works with Security Lab Professor Franziska Roesner, alongside PhD student mentors Ada Lerner and Eric Zeng. Read the Undergraduate Spotlight about Mitali here.

Alex Takakuwa at the FIDO Alliance Meeting

Security Lab PhD student Alex Takakuwa is currently focused on improving one of the most important (and challenging) aspects of computer security: authentication. Today Alex presented some of his work at the FIDO Alliance meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The FIDO Alliance is an industry association spearheading new efforts to improve authentication worldwide.

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